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Darby Mills interview 2012 photo by Kevin Keinlein

Darby Mills Interview

Darby Mills Interview August 11, 2014We talk about how many tour dates the Headpins do in a year. Being basically weekend warriors. Raising family's and being in rock and roll at the same time. Staying in touch with your loved ones

Bradford Loomis and Beth Whitney

Bradford Loomis and Beth Whitney Interview

Bradford Loomis and Beth Whitney Interview July 29, 2014. 1. How is this summer coming along for the group? Really busy. We have an aggressive schedule in terms of just shows, but with releasing this new record, it’s a lot. But we are very excited and can’t wait to share this album with the world. […]

One Bad Son

One Bad Son Interview Adam Hicks

One Bad Son Interview with guitarist Adam Hicks July 23, 2014. 1. What’s new in the world of One Bad Son? We are currently on a tour in Ontario. What’s new for us is usually the same. Always on the road! That is what its all about for us. As well, the new single ‘Satellite […]

Charlie Daniels and Jason Saulnier 2014

Charlie Daniels Interview 2014

Charlie Daniels Interview August 1, 2014. Charlie Daniels touring until December and doing over 100 dates a year. How touring has changed throughout the years. We talk about the latest album Off the Grid: Doin’ It Dylan. 35 years with the Devil Went Down to Georgia. We talk about the Devil went down to Georgia […]

Framing Hanley

Framing Hanley Interview with Ryan Belcher

Ryan Belcher (Framing Hanley) Interview July 8, 2014. Framing Hanley Interview 1. What’s new in the world of Framing Hanley? Quite a lot is new in our world in fact. We’ve had a busy year with the release of The Sum of Who We Are, and we’ve been touring all over in support of it. […]

Dog Fashion Disco

Dog Fashion Disco (Todd Smith) Interview

Todd Smith (Dog Fashion Disco) Interview June 27, 2014. In this interview… 1. What’s new in the world of Dog Fashion Disco? Dog Fashion Disco is now on tour (June 2014) after an 8 year hiatus in support of our new album “Sweet Nothings” being released on July 22nd, 2014. 2. How was it recording […]

King Parrot

King Parrot – Questions and Answers with Matt Young

Matt Young (King Parrot) vocals. Interview July 3, 2014. Check out King Parrot online. Questions and Answers Life without music would be: Stress free, hassle free, free… oh no wait, that’s life with out the music business! Life without music would fucking suck! Favorite Artist or Band: Black Sabbath Favorite Concert: Download UK Favorite Album: […]

Ne Obliviscaris

Ne Obliviscaris – Questions and Answers with Dan Presland

Dan Presland (Ne Obliviscaris) drummer. Interview July 2, 2014. Check out Ne Obliviscaris online. Questions and Answers Life without music would be: A struggle to find another muse Favorite Artist or Band: That is very hard, but Tool always comes to mind Favorite Concert: Tool in Melbourne 2010 Favorite Album: That is too hard! Depends […]

Random facts in Rock Music

Eric Clapton wrote the song “Layla” for George Harrison’s wife.

The Doors were the first band ever to advertise a new album on a billboard.

Led Zeppelin came up with the title “Black Dog” after a large black labrador walked into the studio while recording.

Brian Jones, co-founder of The Rolling Stones, was proficient at over 60 musical instruments.

John Bonham drank 40 shots of vodka the night he died.

Keith Moon, drummer from The Who, allegedly gave Led Zeppelin their name.

Wings recorded Red Rose Speedway at Abbey Road Studios the same time Pink Floyd recorded The Dark Side Of The Moon.

Jimi Hendrix created the song “Little Wing” in 145 seconds.

Queen has the longest-running fan club, according to the Guinness Book of World Records.

Before joining KISS, Vinnie Vincent wrote the soundtracks for Happy Days and Joanie Loves Chachi.