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Dean Roberts (Leatherwolf) Interview

Dean Roberts the drummer for American Heavy Metal band Leatherwolf. Interview talks about Unchained Live new album. March 27, 2014. Leatherwolf Interview 1. What’s new in the life of Dean Roberts? Well, for one, promoting ‘Unchained Live’ as much as possible. The response has been very favorable so far and I’ve done a bunch of […]

Massacre 2013

Rick Rozz (Massacre) Interview

Rick Rozz American guitarist for notable Death Metal bands Death and Massacre. Interview February 20, 2014 What’s new with Massacre? Well in the past two years, we played 70,000 Tons of Metal (2012), Wacken Open Air (2012), toured Canada (2012), South America three times (2012/2013), and recorded ‘Back From Beyond’ at CGM Studios with Tim […]

Steve Tucker

Steve Tucker Interview

Steve Tucker is an American Death Metal musician currently with WarFather and notable for being the Morbid Angel frontman from 1997–2001, 2003–2004. Steve Tucker talks about about WarFather’s Orchestrating The Apocalypse album. Where the influences and direction came from for the album. We talk about Morbid Angel’s Formulas Fatal to the Flesh album. The opening […]

Ron Marks

Ron Marks Interview – Subsonic

Ron Marks is the guitarist for American Rock band Subsonic and former Celtic Frost guitarist. Interview February 20, 2014. 1. What’s new in the life of Ron Marks? My affiliation with DSN Music ( has allowed Subsonic to become a global entity, regarding distribution. We also played some U.S. tour dates last Summer. I’d hoped […]

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duran duran greatest hits

Duran Duran Greatest Hits 1983-1997

Duran Duran Greatest Hits. Billboard Top Canadian Hit Singles from 1983 to 1997. Canadian Top 100 Singles Billboard Charts. Duran Duran Greatest Hits 1983 Hungry Like The Wolf – 1 1983 Rio – 3 1983 Is There Something I Should Know – 3 1983 Union Of The Snake – 2 1984 New Moon On Monday […]

Dire straits greatest hits

Dire Straits Greatest Hits 1979-1993

Dire Straits Greatest Hits. Billboard Top Canadian Hit Singles from 1979 to 1993. Canadian Top 100 Singles Billboard Charts. Dire Straits Greatest Hits 1979 Sultans Of Swing – 4 1979 Lady Writer – 51 1982 Industrial Disease – 18 1983 Twisting By The Pool – 18 1985 Walk Of Life – 7 1985 Money For Nothing […]

def leppard greatest hits

Def Leppard Greatest Hits 1983-2002

Def Leppard Greatest Hits. Billboard Top Canadian Hit Singles from 1983 to 2002. Canadian Top 100 Singles Billboard Charts. Def Leppard Greatest Hits 1983 Photograph – 32 1983 Rock Of Ages – 24 1983 Foolin’ – 39 1984 Bringin On The Heartbreak – 56 1987 Animal – 21 1988 Hysteria – 13 1988 Pour Some Sugar […]